10 Killer Productivity Advice By Happening Young Entrepreneurs

Being a successful entrepreneur take more than vision. It requires continuous efforts, even at times when you don’t want to work or not motivated enough. Productivity is a process that involves a combination of planning and executing the task with perseverance. As Tim Ferris rightly quoted “Focus on being productive instead of busy”.

Here, we have compiled a list of productivity advice by young successful entrepreneurs, who have been there and done that.

1. Delegate your tasks wisely

Just like college days, schedule your chores in a timely fashion. Successful entrepreneurs are making notes on their calendars, setting timers which helps them complete their task before the set deadline.

2. Focus on priorities

If you’re constantly rescheduling meetings, then you probably don’t want that meeting to take place. Once you know how to prioritize goals, don’t let any unnecessary tasks hinder your main objective.

3. Stay focused, Avoid distractions

Staying focused will not only add fortune to your bank balance, but will also help you weave out unnecessary distractions. You may desire a long break, like spending time on social network. But these distractions eat away the valuable time.

4. Do not answer your phone

Do not answer the unwanted calls; please respond only when you are expecting a call. Why should you constantly hinder your known priority for something irrelevant? Phone calls are said to be the peak productivity enemies.

5. Take care of your ‘temple’

The ancient Romans believed that in a sound body rests a sound mind. Successful entrepreneurs everywhere treat their bodies like temples, by staying healthy. A healthy mind boosts creativity and helps you think more clearly.

6. Platinum Mornings

Successful entrepreneurs believe in morning rituals, “Platinum Mornings”. They spend this time in isolation, thinking only the purest thoughts and prepping their minds for the tasks that will unfold the following day.

7. Create a progressive routine

Most entrepreneurs face time crunch even to eat, and the only means by which they keep themselves going are by binging on junk foods and energy drinks .If you can’t make time for a healthy routine, be prepared to make time for illness in the years to come.

8. Master your time, set deadlines

Time management not only helps you stay focused but also yield results in the long run. Successful entrepreneurs state that one of the main reasons they are successful is because they have mastered their time wisely.

9. Designate time for e-mails

Align a portion of your time to check emails, only after you’re done with the day. Have a knack of quickly scanning through subject line in the email, and reply only to the ones that are time sensitive or absolutely necessary.

10. Maintain a journal

If your life is worth thinking about, it’s definitely worth writing about. A journal will help you vent your thoughts, and help your record insights on key success strategies that have worked for you.

We are certain that these advice will fetch you better life management and yield better professional results. The above tips are time tested, there is no reason why they cannot not be your driving forces towards productivity and success.


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Nomad | Early Stage Investor | Wannabe Anthropologist | Technology Evangelist | Curious, Inquisitive & Experimental Entrepreneur

Nomad | Early Stage Investor | Wannabe Anthropologist | Technology Evangelist | Curious, Inquisitive & Experimental Entrepreneur