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10 Things to Follow In Pursuit of Happiness!!

Abhishek Shah
3 min readJun 2, 2016

We sometimes come across people who are always happy, irrespective of their current status quo. This breed of happy fellas have their thoughts sorted, visions strengthened and a determination level that is jaw dropping. Despite the highs and lows of life, they enjoy the morning breeze, cease happy moments, enjoy the fragrance of a scented perfume, maybe!

Do they have superpowers? No. They just have a well-balanced physical and mental poise.

Ask the happy people around and they will tell you some of the things that we keep forgetting as life’s basics. Take a cue.

1. Live Life

Happy chappies have an unquenchable thirst to make the best out of every moment. Life had given them their share of hardships, but they only bagged the best out of anything. They have accepted both achievements and failures as part of their life’s journey.

2. Let Go

The souls at bliss know that holding a grudge can have a detrimental effect. Hence, they don’t let people who have wronged them take over. For according to them, forgiveness gives a clear conscience and a phenomenal energy.

3. No act of kindness is ever wasted

Happy people believe in being kind, always. They believe every person they come across, either has a lesson to learn from, a story to tell, and being thankful gives them a feeling of fulfillment.

4. De’clutter’ Negativity

One of the most essential steps towards being happier and joyous is to take charge of your thoughts and purify them. What you think grows two fold. So shun negativity, and only focus on the positive.

5. Focus on Physical Well Being

Physical wellness will not only add life to your years, but add years to your life. When our ancestors repeatedly stressed, “Health is Wealth”, they meant it. Research has proven that people who indulge in physical regime, are filled with enduring energy and happiness.

6. Don’t Fret Over Small Stuff

If it isn’t going to matter a year form now, we aren’t going to fret over it. Letting hang-ups roll off your back will pave way for happiness and show more important things to enjoy in life.

7. Live for the Moment

Happy people enjoy the present. They don’t brood over their yesterday, nor do they worry about what’s in store for tomorrow. They believe a happy life is a series of well-lived days strung together.

8. Pursue Dreams

The ancient mythologists asserted: If you’re not pursuing your dreams, you’re indeed fueling your own limitations. Weed out the shackles of small dreams, and pursue bigger dreams. When you dare to dream big, you’re energy is dispersed in a positive direction and happiness.

9. No Superiority-Inferiority Complex

Happy people often respect individuality. The only time when they compare themselves to others is while seeking motivation or uplifting their spirits. They avoid comparing their bests to others’ worsts and vice-versa.

10. Remember to Be Happy

To be happy, you must BE HAPPY. Happiness is like their regime. Happy people are busy making memories while others are busy collecting possessions. Happiness is their Nirvana and their state of high.

Happiness is your choice and way of life. If you’re not as happy or fulfilled as you think you could be, don’t blame your circumstances. Inculcate the above mantras. Live a happier life, and spread the same. Happiness is indeed a contagious disease.


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