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10 Tips to target Maximum Leads at LinkedIn

Abhishek Shah
3 min readAug 2, 2016

When it comes to targeting maximum users, it is worth to start promoting your business among the Social groups. There are many such networks that are a mixed social hub for kinds of discussion and personal sharing, but LinkedIn considered as an efficient professional network. However, only a few businesses understand the concept, active working phenomenon, and its effectiveness as a business promotions tools.

LinkedIn had been seen as a powerful channel to connect professionals as well as approaching resume on an individual level. In fact, this channel offers strong resources for the small business with a considerable budget to be spent on social media. Let’s see how LinkedIn can be utilized strategically to dig maximum leads:

1. Accessibility limits: LinkedIn is purely a network for Business and industrial sectors. Unlike other networks, it dedicatedly invites activities from potential customers, executives and similar profiles. Hence, you should connect to a network that falls under your business target.

2. Analyze and Participate: Considering the first point, you should analyze you Business whether it targets the B2B or B2C customer. In addition, explore as it to find if your prospect clients use LinkedIn for Business development.

3. Business Objective: You must be clear with the usage of LinkedIn for your business, as it offers a variety of aids to HR, Marketing, Leads Generation and researchers, you must be clear with the goal for which you opted this network.

4. Building strong Profile: An attractive and strong website is first success. Similarly, creating a profile page where you business or product information must be clearly displayed. You must write a clear brand message with direct links to important pages of your website. In addition, a straight contact detail is an important section.

5. Maintaining Consistency: When someone visits your profile, the obvious question is what you do or how does it help me? To answer this accurately, you must streamline your profile. You can add a video or a presentation that might bind the users for minimum 20–30 seconds. Delivering new scopes all the time is a consistent management, needed for the profile.

6. User engagement: LinkedIn, like other platforms, performs well with the viral approach. You must connect the users via multiple groups. With a good user base, the next step is to keep them engages with the frequent interactive posts, inviting suggestions, asking for feedback etc. For this, you must stick to a regular plan of action for communicating with users. Sharing interesting statistics, polls and questions at your profile status can be a good start.

7. Utilizing Services: To stay in front among all the similar business profiles, it is worth using all the official services offered by LinkedIn. You can start to create a new group and share you company’s resources, data, and services. This helps to gather potential leads, co-workers involvement, and client’s testimonials.

8. LinkedIn Advertising: LinkedIn captures more than 60% of B2B customers via inbound marketing but setting an advertisement budget and advertising your brand will surely facilitate you with the most relevant audience. You can divert them directly to your website landing page or the target selling page. Like other PPC campaign, you can track regular updates, set the bids, rotate ads and calculate ROI.

9. Upgrades to refine Business: LinkedIn allow regular updates to business practice and rules. By keeping close supervision on network activities, you get recent updates and hence can refine your strategies.

10. Patience: Above all, digital marketing requires patience and consistent effort to produce quality results. Hence, observation, analysis, and planning must be according to the time and user demand.

These tips might help you to generate maximum benefit with LinkedIn. Stay connected and stay communicated!



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