21 Questions That Supposedly Separate the ‘Promising’ Business Ideas from the Irredeemable Trash!

Abhishek Shah
5 min readAug 27, 2023


Entrepreneurship: Where wild dreams and stark reality dance a tango of uncertainty.

Ah, the world of entrepreneurship, where every other person with a half-baked idea and a misplaced sense of optimism is convinced they’re on the brink of changing the world. But fret not, my friends! Today, we’re here to introduce you to the sacred 21 questions that will unveil the hidden gems from the proverbial piles of entrepreneurial manure. Strap in, because this is the ultimate guide to separating the “promising” business ideas from the rest.

Question 1: Do You Have a Business Idea?

Kicking off with a brain-buster, this one. Because, you know, people who don’t have business ideas often make the best entrepreneurs. Who needs an idea when you can just ride the wave of spontaneity into untold riches?

Question 2: Does Your Idea Solve a Problem?

Oh, absolutely! Because the world has been crying out for an app that helps you locate your misplaced sock collection. We’ve all been losing sleep over this one.

Question 3: Is There Market Demand?

Who cares if your idea’s as useful as a waterproof teabag in a desert? If you believe hard enough, market demand will magically materialize, right?

Question 4: Can You Explain Your Idea in 10 Seconds?

Why bother with complex explanations or detailed plans? Investors are really just looking for something that sounds vaguely exciting during elevator rides.

Question 5: Have You Researched Your Competitors?

Who needs competitors? Originality is overrated. Besides, who wouldn’t want the 17th variation of an Airbnb knockoff?

Question 6: Have You Calculated Financial Projections?

Why bother with numbers? All successful businesses are built on a solid foundation of wild guesses and overoptimistic fantasies.

Question 7: Have You Considered Marketing Strategies?

Nah, the “build it and they will come” approach still totally works in the age of information saturation. Who needs marketing, right?

Question 8: Is Your Idea Scalable?

Absolutely, because scaling a business is as easy as multiplying your already-nonexistent revenue by a big number.

Question 9: Have You Created a Prototype?

Prototypes are for people who lack imagination. Jumping straight into production with an untested idea is the true path to success.

Question 10: Can You Handle Failure?

Nonsense! Real entrepreneurs never fail; they just have “learning opportunities” that are conveniently disguised as financial ruin.

Question 11: Are You Willing to Pivot?

Pivot? More like pirouette! Successful entrepreneurs dance around like ballerinas in a minefield, hoping not to explode.

Question 12: Do You Have a Unique Selling Proposition?

Yes, because the world desperately needs another “revolutionary” Bluetooth-enabled toaster that can also do your taxes.

Question 13: Are You Passionate About Your Idea?

Passion is like the fuel that powers your entrepreneurial rocket. Just ignore the fact that rockets fueled by passion tend to crash and burn spectacularly.

Question 14: Can You Convince Others to Join You?

Because there’s nothing more enticing than joining a sinking ship captained by someone who doesn’t have a clue.

Question 15: Do You Have a Clear Monetization Strategy?

Monetization? That’s just a fancy word for the mystical art of turning air into gold, right?

Question 16: Are You Prepared for Long Hours?

Remember, sleep is for the weak. If you’re not working 24/7, you’re clearly not dedicated enough to your inevitable failure.

Question 17: Have You Considered Legal and Regulatory Issues?

Laws and regulations are like mere suggestions. Ignore them, and watch as your “promising” idea crashes into a brick wall of fines and lawsuits.

Question 18: Do You Have a Support Network?

Because your friends and family are obviously the best judges of your business acumen. Who needs expert advice when you have Aunt Mildred’s opinions?

Question 19: Are You Open to Feedback?

Of course, but only if the feedback consists of unearned praise and blind encouragement.

Question 20: Can You Handle Success?

Success is the ultimate challenge, after all. Dealing with all that money and validation must be excruciating.

Question 21: Are You Ready to Change the World?

Well, if you’re not aiming for world domination, why bother at all? Remember, mediocrity is for the masses.

We’ve navigated the treacherous waters of entrepreneurial inquiry armed with our 21 mind-bending, reality-distorting questions. But before you rush off to find that sock-locating app developer or perfect your Bluetooth-enabled toaster-tax machine, let’s take a moment to reflect on the undeniable truths of the startup world.

Startups, as we all know, have an uncanny knack for meeting their untimely demise. It’s almost as if expecting a fledgling business to navigate the ruthless terrain of the market without a map, a compass, or even a shred of common sense is a recipe for disaster. And boy, do they excel at it! From ignoring market demand to assuming passion alone will fund their moonshot endeavors, startups have taught us that creativity can be deadly.

So, aspiring entrepreneurs, gather ‘round! Before you embark on your grand entrepreneurial escapade, consider the following: startups fail because they’re often built on a foundation of unchecked enthusiasm and a distinct lack of foresight. Why bother with tedious matters like market research, feasibility studies, or industry trends? Who needs that nonsense when you can simply will your way to success, fueled by the sheer audacity of your idea?

But don’t let the cynicism fool you; entrepreneurship isn’t all doom and gloom. There are actual pros to this peculiar pursuit, if you can believe it. For one, you get to experience the thrill of plunging headfirst into a financial abyss, wondering whether you’ll emerge on the other side with a pot of gold or a mountain of debt. And let’s not forget the unparalleled joy of explaining your vague, half-baked idea to strangers who will nod politely while silently questioning your sanity.

Yet, there are cons too. Success might mean dealing with the unbearable burden of wealth and recognition, while failure… well, that’s a masterclass in resilience, humility, and understanding the true depth of your friends’ loyalty. And let’s not overlook the joy of burnout, where your 24/7 dedication is rewarded with exhaustion, shattered dreams, and the profound realization that you’re just one more uninspired clone in a sea of uninspired clones.

So, my audacious adventurers, the choice is yours. Embark on your entrepreneurial journey armed with these 21 questions that defy logic and reason. Let your passion guide you, or your utter disregard for practicality lead the way. After all, who needs tried-and-true strategies, well-researched business plans, or sanity when you can have a tumultuous rollercoaster ride through the entrepreneurial circus?

But perhaps, just perhaps, as you contemplate the expanse of uncharted territory, you might want to throw a sprinkle of reality into your entrepreneurial potion. Who knows? You might just defy the odds, create something truly innovative, and manage to sustain yourself without resorting to sock-locating apps. Until then, dear entrepreneurs, may your whims be wild and your journey both bewildering and enlightening!



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