25 Life Truths You Must Know!

If you’re ready to take personal responsibility to improve your life — Read on!

Abhishek Shah
2 min readJan 9, 2017


They say the truth is bitter and they aren’t quite wrong about that. Somethings are just needed to be told right on our face so that we can digest it and live with it to lead a better life. So what are these facts or the so-called truth that we all must know?

Talk to the enlighted one and they will tell you that each one of us gets drilled with certain life lessons that stay with us indelibly. Sometimes it might take a number of attempts for a given law of life to truly make its mark on us, and other times it could just take one powerful thrust that makes a home run.

Here are 25 Life truths that each one must know and also live by it because it is just one life that we all got on this planet.


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