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3 Powerful Techniques to Boost Your Confidence

Confidence is that intangible thing that cannot be taught, bought or borrowed but is always that feeling of self-assurance which tells you — everything is possible!

One of the things that hold most of us back is the fear of failure. The terrifying thought of not just failing, but to overcome that failure and start again becomes a big deal. However, it is only the people who dare overcome this fear of failure and the lack of confidence that we look up to them as successful people. The thin line between feeling scared and feeling powerful is what differentiates the successful people from the rest.

Successful people often emanate confidence, which in turn makes them unstoppable when they see an opportunity. It is evident that these are the people who believe in themselves and who understand what they are doing. They do not fear failure because it is not the success that has made them confident, but it has always been their confidence that has yielded into success for them. We all admire such people because they inspire confidence in others. They are the risk takers who know there will always be obstacles in their way, but their self-belief and confidence are what gives them the strength to get past them.

We all know that confidence is crucial to one’s success, but the question is how to conquer it because if you don’t believe in yourself, then it is hard to expect that someone else would believe in you.

Here are some techniques which many people around the world practice build up their confidence.

Embrace Positivity and turn your back on Negativity

Learn to be excited and let that excitement trickle down in all your activities. Stop being fixated on your life problems but try to focus on finding solutions and making positive changes. Treat every negative thought like a bug which must be weeded out before it makes a mess. Talk to people who encourage you and are willing to support you in this journey.

Know Yourself, Be Yourself

Listen to your inner self, your own thoughts, and your own wants. Perhaps making notes or writing a journal might help you to gather your thoughts about yourself. Understand what you like, what you can do well, and what you think your limitations are. Even though you cannot control what others think, you will always have power over what your own thoughts are. When you dig deeper and have answers to these questions, you will then be able to clinch on to the confidence by strengthening your weaker skill sets and making provisions to minimize negative impacts.

On the other hand, once you know yourself it is also important that you be yourself as well. You must not allow your inner critic to create further doubt, shame or the feelings of worthlessness in your mind and should rather focus on overcoming them. However, gaining self-confidence and living on with your life won’t be justified if that confidence makes you brag about yourself. Confident people are those who are self-aware and not those who allow their confidence to turn into arrogance.

Change your Image

Make sure you choose your clothing and accessories that reflect the image you want to portray, even if that means taking some extra time in getting ready. However, dressing up nicely does not mean you must wear expensive clothes, but something that makes you presentable and looks neat is what is essential.

While dressing and grooming are important, the simple act of smiling at people and making eye contact when you talk are another aspect of your self-image. Just the act of pulling your shoulders back and speaking clearly and slowly gives an impression of a confident person. These things will not just make you feel better but will make sure everyone around you is comfortable and envisions you as confident as well.

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