5 Common Fears Every Startup Entrepreneur May Have Experienced At Some Point in Time

Usually people talk about the qualities one may have in order to be successful or the hurdles that come in the journey towards success, but in my view there are certain internal fears of the Startup Entrepreneurs that may affect his journey to success. These fears may not be apparent and in most cases they are not even known, but the fact is that these fears stop you from attaining success. Those who have attained success in their respective fields may definitely agree with me as all of them may have experienced one or more of these fears at some point in their career.

I have listed here the 5 common fears experienced by budding entrepreneurs before achieving their long desired success.

1. Fear of Sharing the Idea

2. Fear of Facing the Public

3. Fear of Losing What You Have!

The greatest failure is the failure to try — William Ward

4. Fear of Failure

The only thing worse than starting something and failing…..is not starting something. — Seth Godin

5. Fear of Not Heading Into The Right Direction

Though these are the common fears, they are not standard fears experienced as every individual is different and so are his fears! Know your fear and overcome it to achieve what you always wanted!

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