Are You “Dhonified” Performer When It Comes To Your Business?

Abhishek Shah
4 min readApr 14, 2016

M.S. Dhoni doesn’t need any introduction — a star and captain of Indian Cricket team that oozes amazing leadership skills. He is the most successful cricket captain and well-regarded as one of the best leaders the game has witnessed.

Not just Indians but people across the globe go crazy when he comes to the field with that fiery attitude that makes impossible winning possible.

But this post is not about cricket and its relevance but we are surely discussing what makes “Dhoni” to give such a superior performance in every match it plays. Here we are learning how an entrepreneur can leverage similar kinds of “DHONIFIED” skills to get the maximum and best productivity results in business.

People have attributed success to timings, and luck to the cricket game, but when we do a closer analysis of success you will be able to see M.S.Dhoni’s clear and concise pattern emerging.

Below are top lessons that can be learned from “M.S. Dhoni” captaincy that can give you amazing insights for your business:

His magnetic personality bonds the team

His acceptance to be a natural leader is perhaps his biggest strength. Hailing from the most humble backgrounds always had “down to earth” approach and most importantly he was never shy of expressing himself in the given situation. This behavior led him to earn complete trust in his team members. He has this natural motivational ability that enabled his personality to reinforced self-belief in the team.

Managing pressure

An ability to stay cool and calm with seemingly uncluttered mind is Dhoni’s greatest gift as a leader. This attitude soothes the nerves of other team mates and ensures that all remain focus. How Dhoni manages the pressure during the match without losing composure is the key to long term success and good health.

He dares to take risk and that makes the DIFFERENCE

Strategies whether they are business or game are never full proof. One should be willing to take the risk and M.S. Dhoni is the finest example that has shown us taking risk gets you better. There has to be a strategy planned and one has to play along, taking risk and bit of gambling is always needed to get that competitive edge.

Evokes respect in the rivals

Not all can do modestly and M.S. Dhoni does it. His mere presence, body language and calmness appeal a great amount of respect in the opposite camp. In the business, it takes a great deal to be respected by the competitors — this only comes through better performance and acknowledgement from your external and internal stakeholders.

Stay focus

Dhoni has an ability to insulate himself from his surrounding environment and continue to stay focus on what he is doing. In a corporate context, it is important for the entrepreneurs/businessman to stay focus and positive on the task they are handling and avoid negative energies and distractions.

Managing failure is never easy

There will be always ups and downs — be it is a game or business. Dhoni too has tasted string of embarrassing losses and tell you what it requires a great deal of attitude and character to bounce back.

Dhoni did this in style and countered his critics with his performance. In the business, the failure has to be acknowledged in the same fashion as success and one need to be stay focused to get better every day.

We love watching cricket, in fact cricket is worshipped as a religion in the country but we rarely see the sports person behind making it successful game. We always celebrate the winning but never celebrate the personalities behind them ……it’s high time we start acknowledging their skills which will be amazingly useful in making the business successful.

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