Are you more than an Entrepreneur?

There’s a big difference between winning a hackathon and making money … and I guess most of the startup entrepreneurs have one agenda on their mind when they come onboard — make huge. Well, to be successful and earn money is always appealing but does it quench the thirst of providing greater value to others. Not just to win hackathons.

The majority of the mindset of the people is that it is easy to make money when you become entrepreneurs. Is it really that simple to make tons of money??? Well, if that would be the scene, the industry would be buzzing with millionaires I guess. Here it is where we are making mistake, not just us but most of the would-be entrepreneurs dig in with a shallow mindset and not thinking beyond.

In this post I would encourage to serve few tips from my “Surprise Findings”… so, are we ready … on your mark get set go!!!

Do not start your business just with a mindset to make mega bucks

Every business entrepreneur that I have come across has insanely successful business, attributes that screams of success and only thing going- they love what they do.

Call me an idiot but I am stating the fact, we spend most of our 75% of time in working- well, working is good but working what??? But do you think it is a good idea wherein you are putting your maximum of time which doesn’t involve your PASSION.

I love what I do for living and that is important. Every day I get up to work with a smiling face, greet my employees, interesting interact with my clients, develop new projects, create content and much more … I get gist of it … Do You?

Never be scared of CHANGE

This is one heck of important tip that I am really passionate to discuss. As an entrepreneur it allows me to constantly strive for the new ideas and how I can make it better, or how shall I improve and make a difference.
It is crucial to have a plan, but if you are so caught with your plan following step by step procedure you may miss out on the opportunity to change even though it might a tiny one which could make a huge positive difference to your business.

Do not blame others for your MISTAKES

It is a very immature thing to do. We become entrepreneurs to become our own boss — the head honcho.
It happens in the business where you get beaten by your competitors, lose your biggest client, screw up quoting the price low, or have your best manager quitting — the real thing is blaming yourself is never going to help.
Just because you are in charge, you are the boss doesn’t mean it always has to come down to you. Accept it, embrace and learn your lesson well.

Don’t just try — do it ALL

When I chat with my peer entrepreneurs I always say that we are strange breed, aren’t we? We have that super hero syndrome wherein we are in charge, ensuring that we are the people that look for our guidance ….typically entrepreneur.

Hard working business owners are good, but you need more than that — smartness. Choose to do smart work that donkey’s work. When I say smart means, we work on those aspects where we are super good at. We can always bring in the best people to do the job where we are weak. This way entrepreneur helps businesses to explode into a big success.

Rather working in your business, work ON your business

I myself has witnessed that I have more profitable figures, tasted success and have more opportunities by becoming VIRTUAL. I believe that being virtual has become an absolute requirement that helps to become as flexible as possible when it comes to run the business. Being virtual BOSS made sense as it gave me the freedom that I felt was required to continue to grow my business.

Originally published at on March 16, 2016.

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Nomad | Early Stage Investor | Wannabe Anthropologist | Technology Evangelist | Curious, Inquisitive & Experimental Entrepreneur

Nomad | Early Stage Investor | Wannabe Anthropologist | Technology Evangelist | Curious, Inquisitive & Experimental Entrepreneur