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Do you like to level up your Digital Marketing game and always be a few steps ahead of your competitors?

Abhishek Shah
5 min readAug 4, 2016

If your answer is yes, then you got to do something different and redefine your marketing strategy. One of the best ways to do this is by keeping yourself updated with the ongoing trends in your industry.

Gone are the days when people used to look for their favorite brands on various search engines. These days, customers want everything fast, quick, and valuable. If you want to create your distinctive place in the market, then you certainly need the assistance of a comprehensive social media listening tool.

If you are not acquainted with the concept, let us walk you through! Social media monitoring tools like Socialert extracts vital information on the basis of a keyword or a hashtag. Various metrics related to time, source, type of content, and more can be extracted on the basis of a single keyword. From scaling the size of an event to monitoring the reach of any marketing campaign, these tools can help marketers in an unimaginable way with their extensive information.

We tried to explore Socialert, which is a unique tool that makes social media listening accessible to every kind of individual or business out there. No matter what your requirements are, but you can certainly fulfill it with the help of this sleek tool. The website gave in-depth information about the tool and how various kinds of users can be benefited by it. There are different categories for marketers, company owners, media reporters, and more, which made us realize how vast the concept of social listening is. It can surely be used by people belonging to different industries in their own respective way!

One can try the tool for free by simply providing a relevant hashtag or a keyword to obtain quick and informative results. In a second, a large set of data was presented to us. As we checked, we realized that it was differentiated in various segments for a better understanding of the user. Some of the major sections were topinfluencers, top tweets, most active influencers, most used keywords around the given topic, activity graph, and a lot more. We were able to dig even the nature of the conversation and various ways a certain keyword was used by users all over the globe.

Though we were pretty impressed by the extensive information that was mined by the tool in the blink of an eye, it was the generation of readily available reports that left us amazed. With this tool, you can simply extract the information in various formats and can make data-driven decisions regarding your next marketing campaign. We found the tool extremely beneficial for brands who like to monitor their reach and know what their customers are talking about them.

The powerful tool can keep you updated about a relevant search on a real-time basis, letting you respond to any tweet from its native dashboard. Currently, the tool has seamlessly integrated Twitter and has left no stone unturned with its comprehensive mining algorithm.

We were pretty excited to use this unique tool and are sure that it would be of a great use to various marketers and media reporters out there. These days, the shift in content is changing and a tool like Socialert can certainly help you in order to derive real-time and updated content. Twitter is certainly the best place to get user-generated content and with this social listening tool, you can extract just the right kind of data you want in less time.

It will help you monitor the online presence of your brand on the go. Talk to your customers and involve your audience in a brand new way. If you are having a hard time picking just the right set of influencers for your business, then Socialert will certainly come handy to you. Tap the most powerful influencers and industry leaders after extracting useful data from Socialert and stop running blind. It might seem like a simple tool, but it certainly has a lot of benefits, which are listed on its website.

The tool captures striking details regarding Twitter, but other major social networks like Instagram or Facebook were missing. In the future, we would love to see the amalgamation of various social networks in one place on their dashboard. Also, the team can come up with a more engaging way to get real-time updates. There could have been a better provision to dig historical data for market research. Since the tool is comparatively new, we are sure it will redefine itself in the coming days.

Overall, Socialert seemed like a sleek and sophisticated tool that can fulfil your requirements in no time. Its state of the art design will help you navigate easily, letting you extract everything you need related to your next campaign in a matter of a few seconds.

We had a word with Pankaj Narang, who is one of the founders of Socialert about his vision for the company. He wants to make Socialert an essential tool for every marketer in the long run. His aim is to make it easier for every brand to communicate with its users and influencers in a hassle-free manner. With such an efficient tool and a smooth interface, we are sure that the company would certainly meet its goal in no time!

The world might be shrinking, but social media is only expanding with every passing day. If you won’t stay updated, then you might end up losing your valuable customers. Don’t wait anymore and make an effort to reach out to your audience. If you have already tried any other social media listening tool, let us know your take in the comments below. If not, then try this amazing tool. You might end up discovering the next big thing!

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