Don’t’ look Interested? Investor isn’t Even Bothered!!

Meeting an investor often gives out a feeler of a horror flick. Not that we want to put the good Samaritan in the shoes of a vampire, but this is simply a frightful affair. Getting an investor on board is a matter of achievement for the rookies in the Startup world. The good deeds paid off by the almighty’s hand of indication that help is underway. However, most of us fail to understand the basics. Investors will be interested to give you a try. But are they desperate enough to get on board to offer money and take the stake? Get a hold on yourself.

Yes, you make decent sales. Stop Gloating please.

Bringing your Startup to a profit margin of few lakhs every year is definitely a matter of pride. Feel mighty about it. Celebrate it. Just do NOT gloat it. Keeping your feet grounded is a crucial aspect while explaining your business to an investor. This is not even about how badly you want money coming in. What you look like in front of an investor is also going to be what he or she will present to a similar crowd. Let us say, a pool of other prospective investors.

If you don’t’ look Interested, Investor isn’t even bothered

There are two ways going down this road. First hand, you play modest and earnest. Convince the valuable one how important he or she will be to your running. Try and accept their feedback even though you aren’t desperate. Money or no money, stay interested in this conversation. Displaying lack of interest to something that does not go by your rule book is human nature. It’s time to get more humane than that. The shark in front of you has other fish lined at his door step. This is not a child’s play.

Take back the lessons

These investors have lessons that they bring to the table. Their learning with doing businesses is revealed eventually while pitching your shop. Make sure you take notes from what they say or keep those voices in the back of your head. They have not made their millions without these lessons.

Establish a network, if not a deal

The investor may or may not come in. There are more chances that he or she will say ‘I’m out’. Understand that you have a connection to make here that goes a long way. You never know if you will meet the same guy at some other business conference. That would precisely be the moment when the once backed out businessman will introduce you to ten others as ‘the emerging rookie’. Prepare for the possibility.

Mark your territory

You can be indifferent and walk away, never looking back, or you can turn things around. Interact with your investor with a human connect. That way, there is more to be imbibed. You are marking your territory in the investor’s memory as the rookie who stuck to his guts. Arguing with the expert in front of you will prove to be futile. There are no take backs with that approach.

Investors show interest in your business for a reason. They are looking to invest with a rational return in mind. If you cannot strike a deal with the unreasonable kind, make sure you strike a great impression.

Originally published at on March 14, 2016.


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Nomad | Early Stage Investor | Wannabe Anthropologist | Technology Evangelist | Curious, Inquisitive & Experimental Entrepreneur