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Envision what you desire, and you’ll get it!

Envision or visualize what you desire, your future, or your success is nothing but an act of seeing it in your mind exactly what you wish should happen. Yes, I agree, it does sound little out of the world and pretty unreal to be true, but there is truth and science behind it that works if you want it to work.

Remember the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne, that was all the rage once upon a time (well, it still is if you talk to the right people). The essence of the book was no different; it wanted you to envision what you wanted, deliberately and very clearly, thus promising you could get that just by picturing it. Envisioning is more than just thinking about what you want, as you must see it as if you have already accomplished it and you are living into it.

You want to live in big house, or want huge loads of money, or probably a better job, you can get all of that if you see it with your mind’s eye. The idea seems so simple that you cannot resist but question it. You’d ask, just like I did, how does it even work? However, if you have an open mind, then you’ll understand what it means and how it works.

There is a science to how this works, wherein the power of visualization runs deeper than simply reading a powerful book. There have been several studies which have shown that concentrated efforts of envisioning truly works, mainly because our subconscious mind does not like to be in conflict. So, when the current situation does not really agree with what you are creating in your mind, your subconscious mind will work towards resolving this conflict by moving closer to the visualized reality.

Does that mean your mind can conjure the red Mercedes you have been visualizing? Of course, not! But what it does is it makes your brain aware to the resources that are already around you so that you can take the action to resolve the conflict. It basically acts as a filtering system, wherein your brain decides what you must notice and what you must not. Your subconscious mind actively starts using the resources around you to come up with solutions which will resolve the conflict. This is when you will start seeing opportunities, or perhaps might even remember some important information from the past which will give you direction to attain what you have been dreaming all along.

I have a friend who had been looking up for jobs just after she had her baby. She had very specific conditions pertaining to where she wanted to work and what number of hours. We all were skeptical since she wanted a job which was in walking distance from her home, allowed her to take leaves whenever she wanted and would not take up more than 4–5 hours in a day. But to everyone’s surprise she got just the kind of job she was looking for. A doctor in her area was looking for an assistant just for few hours of the day. My friend did nothing more than believing in what she wanted and visualized it.

Our bodies and mind works in mysterious ways when we visualize our lives to be where we have realized our dreams. Envisioning helps us understand the kind of change that we need to make in order to get us to our goals. This activity releases the happy hormones; the endorphins which make us feel good and happy, thus making us work harder towards accomplishing our goals.

Problems don’t disappear by themselves as well as you cannot accomplish your goals if you don’t work towards them. However, if you want to make that process smoother, then focusing on it, visualizing it and living it is what will make it an easy win. Put up post-its of what you want to achieve, talk about it to your loved ones, and of course create its picture in your mind. Once you have your mind set on living the goal that you want to accomplish, it is very likely that you can trick your subconscious mind to resolve this conflict and actually getting you to your goals.

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