Hey Mr. Entrepreneur; That’s Okay To Be Called Wacky!

Recently I asked a fellow member at the party, a budding entrepreneur, just what it makes them so passionate about their work. Not just him, I have few in my circles who are successful business owners and have repeated the same question to them as well. Was it generation business to handle? Money? Power? Or just being entrepreneur is about ego.

Not one of the entrepreneurs I spoke mentioned the above mentioned motivators. Surprised that I was, the scene was changing in the entrepreneur field. It’s a different philosophy that money is off the table for people — meaning it is no longer a stress point or remained constant in the minds because these entrepreneurs are paid enough. What keeps them going is autonomy, mastery and of course passion for work.


To be able to call own shots is what the majority of the entrepreneur agreed to. Their 9 -5 job didn’t gave them the kind of work freedom they wanted. Whether it is implementing new marketing strategy or there is some altercation in product/s services or just a different approach towards the customers, being entrepreneur you have that control over the business and know which business plan clicks that drives your business to the next level. To be in the charge of your own destiny and ability to set your own life is what FREEDOM is all about.

Passion To Make Your Own

If you are starting a new business to earn heaps of money than you are in the wrong place — one can only become a successful entrepreneur wherein he/she is driven to the core for running the business. He/she is passionate about the new business and all set to put in 27 hours to get the business on-board. To turn the imaginary idea into a real business, it requires having enough passion that not only works for you but to build a potential team to work on it.

Feel Good “Accomplished” Factor

The sense of accomplishment makes a person feel really happy from within. It is different feeling of winning and making it through all the tough times. To accomplishing the goals, crossing the difficult phases of the business, getting up and heading means building a successful company.


It is the newest trend that today’s generation is following “YOLO” — you only live once and for that you can make impact in the world. You can make this worth-while by pushing aside those conventional thoughts. Some of us needs to have a control over your own destiny and that is how successful empire is made. Believe in yourself, believe you can do it and just put your best foot forward the rest will follow.

Yes you are Wacky

It is no secret that the majority of the entrepreneurs are whacky. They have to be, they just do things that are unconventional. They lead a different life where the rosy picture of going to school, earning some fancy degree, get married — have 2 kids and a house is not there.

Being an entrepreneur defines who you are. The professional operates the business the way he/she operates his/her life.


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Nomad | Early Stage Investor | Wannabe Anthropologist | Technology Evangelist | Curious, Inquisitive & Experimental Entrepreneur

Nomad | Early Stage Investor | Wannabe Anthropologist | Technology Evangelist | Curious, Inquisitive & Experimental Entrepreneur