It’s not so much what we have in this life that matters. It’s what we do with what we have. — Fred Rogers

How to Gain a Clear Perspective of Your Life?

Abhishek Shah
4 min readFeb 1, 2020

We live in a fast-paced life setting, driven by technology. Needless to say, we are busier than the generations gone by, which is why self-reflection is a must. Taking time-off with yourself once in a while will help chalk out your life map.

It gives you a clearer perspective on how you wish your life to pan out, focusing on the right and amending the wrong. The ancient mythologists have always iterated that self-reflection helps you clear out the unnecessary from your mind, encouraging you to focus on the necessary.

To gain a clearer perspective on your life, ask yourself these 10 very important questions:

1. Am I prepared for a better tomorrow?

We are often unprepared to face what is coming, either because we are not determined enough, scared, or fretting over small issues. If you want to fix the worry and lighten up hope to welcome the new tomorrow, then act now.

2. Why am I sleeping off the wrong thoughts?

There might be a parallel universe of negative thoughts swirling in your mind before bedtime. Whatever you think before sleep reflects the most prominent current aspects of your life. Take charge and clear the web.

3. Am I working towards an excellent physical poise?

If you’re not going to make time for exercise, be sure to make time for illness in the later years. Being busy with hectic workweeks should not hinder your physical fitness. Work out how to look and feel great, now and later.

4. Am I fretting over insane issues?

If you’re constantly wallowing your problems and brooding over your difficulties, you’re wasting a good amount of energy. Help yourself by eroding the stress element. Discover your stress buster.

5. How well am I maintaining my own perspective?

More often than not, failures suck out our good energy, leaving us feeling empty. Ask yourself if you have changed your perspective post encountering different situations in life.

6. How well am I mastering my time?

If you find yourself doing unnecessary things, you’re exhausting the precious 24 hours allotted to you. How well should you utilize this precious commodity, is what you need to ask yourself. Time is everything.

7. How far have I come?

We’re all goal-setters. Evaluating your progress is a good way of knowing how much have you achieved so far. Ask yourself where, what, why and how constantly.

8. Are my relationships healthy?

Ask yourself how much you have invested in your relationship to keep it strong and healthy, filled with unrequited love. Work on the relationship arena, keeping your loved ones close to you.

9. Have I developed an honest philosophy with myself?

Being true to oneself and others requires courage. We often promise ourselves and people about things we know are impossible to deliver. Ask yourself, how honest your approach is and if you are being true to your own convictions and inhibitions.

10. Is it really worth it?

Evaluate if your current pursuits are worth your energy, give it your best shot and if not do some self-questioning again, and reflect upon your findings.

Good questions always lead to great answers. Your self -introspection will open the realm of self-reflection and loathing. We will ultimately find the path!!

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And stay blessed!


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