If Only Prayer You Said Was “Thank you”! That would be Enough!

A silent thank you isn’t much use to anyone” …. Saying thank-you takes a moment, cost nothing, not even an effort. But it is the most humble way, good manners to show your gratitude to those whom we are closest, and to those who we have come in contact for briefest time.

When we pray, we say Thank-you to God for all the good times that you are experiencing and for getting aided in the times of need. Many days I try to be humble, and hold a minute gratitude session — connecting with Almighty. I simply kneel, or sit with no distractions, close my eyes and think about how fortunate I am and convey my Thank-you.

It is a phrase which is pretty much permeating ……always remember it is never unwelcomed and it means so much.

Have you said Thank-you to someone to convey how grateful you are for them today? It leaves a huge impact on your as well as that person’s life. Find little ways to incorporate thank-you in your life and you will be much happier — and most importantly you will make people happier around you.

Have you ever imagine a world where everyone is being thankful? If you are having a rough day, someone will take out a time for you to comfort you, showing you kindness.

I don’t get an opportunity to show gratitude every day, but let me tell you on the days when I say…it makes me SUPER HAPPY.

Why should that be the case? Why should this simple act about whom and for what I am saying Thank-you makes a big difference in my life? Just few reasons to be thankful for….

Because it gives me the energy to deal with life hassles

Too many of us come across various problems to deal with right from personal to professional. If by any how you happen to escape those — you could breathe a sigh of relief. Your body automatically releases a huge “Thank-you” for what you have been saved from.

Because it reminded me of turning bad things into good

You might be facing a bad day at work. Be thankful that you have work. Be thankful that you have challenges that don’t make your life boring. Be thankful that these moments are making you a stronger person.

Because it has reminded me to stay positive all the time

It has reminded me often, and it reminds you as well about the people in your life who have helped you to stay stronger and happy, whether they are your family/friends or just a stranger you met who was kind to you in some ways.

Because it has given me happy surprises

Life has a way to give you happy surprises and that’s why miracles happen all the time. All you need is to keep your eyes open and feel them. It has happened to me where I was least expecting it and life has given me all of everything that I was recklessly waiting for.

When you are rejected from something, it means you have been redirected to something better and positive.

How much easy and sincerest way it is to say Thank-you

It’s very simple!! If you are genuinely interested to say Thank-you here are my suggestions:

Saying thank-you as soon as someone does something nice for you. While saying thank-you, be sincere in your gratitude — you should really mean it.

Take out half an hour to say thank-you to all those who have helped you previous day. Taking out time and saying thank-you will make a huge difference. Make this routine as your “morning gratitude session”.

Call to say thank-you. The person feels cared and important that you have taken this much effort to say thank-you. Let them know what they did and you are grateful for. It will look good, if you get a chance to say in person, or you can email as well.

To what I offer Thank-you for, in my little gratitude session?

It varies every single day. I thank my readers for the encouragement they have offered me. I say thank-you because it has helped me to get closer to realize my dreams. Thanking for the criticism I have received to improve better and most importantly for the time that my people, my friends, my associates has put efforts in to make me successful today.

I know … i know I am being idealistic but saying Thank-you with a sincerity has a much positive impact that any other good manners.

So before this year ends, let me thanks all good people like you who made this year beautiful for me. I pray you be blessed with awesome year ahead. Happy New Year! Thank you ;-)

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Nomad | Early Stage Investor | Wannabe Anthropologist | Technology Evangelist | Curious, Inquisitive & Experimental Entrepreneur

Nomad | Early Stage Investor | Wannabe Anthropologist | Technology Evangelist | Curious, Inquisitive & Experimental Entrepreneur