If You’ve Heard That Email Marketing Is Dead Or Dying, Don’t Believe It!

Abhishek Shah
1 min readApr 7, 2021

The truth is that email marketing can either be a waste of time or an incredibly effective strategy to boost conversions and increase brand loyalty.

Worldwide, we send and receive more than 306 billion emails daily. And that number continues to increase every year. Over 90% of people that use the web have an email account, and a majority check it multiple times per day.

And email marketing is incredibly effective. McKinsey & Company reports that email marketing can produce 40 times better results than social media. While many people prefer to conduct business via email, that doesn’t mean every consumer will open your message and click on your link.

You need a well-planned strategy to increase your conversions and maximize your efforts.

Email marketing is an important part of your digital marketing strategy. If you haven’t maximized your efforts in this area yet, it’s an excellent way to increase engagement and boost your repeat sales numbers.

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