Mr Entrepreneur, Please Stop!

Just Don’t Try To Make Everyone In Your Team an Entrepreneur!

To start a new business is really tough. Right from getting right people on board to bring in revenue to brand awareness everything is time taking, frustrating and trying your patience. But once your new business gets beyond the initial start-up phase, there comes a new phase.

Know that each of your team members has a different personality

Some business leader thinks that everyone is the team is an entrepreneur who will take initiative in different work areas. If you lead an organization and have more than 2 or 3 team members, several types of team members are most likely to represent your organization. However, understand that not everyone in your company is an entrepreneur or wants to be. Invest some time in knowing who have entrepreneurial skills and can perform better.

Learn how you can motivate your staff member

The majority of start-up entrepreneurs think that everyone in the staff needs some kind of encouragement, which is very much wrong. Every person has a different skill set and a different working pattern and falls in different personality hence, need a different kind of motivation. If you don’t understand this you are at greater risk of misleading your team members.

Utilize every employee’s strength at fullest

There are business owners who think that getting more and more number of employees in the project will do well. So untrue!! Rather one should know the skill sets of the employees and know how to use the same in the said work. Getting known about their skillsets and putting them into the right work and getting out their experience and skills to the fullest will help your business grow.

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