Need No Warren Buffet’s Business Insights When You Have Aarav & Ayaan!

In the world of cut throat competition, entrepreneurs must have enduring inspiration and strong vision. Entrepreneurs are required to find their passion and muse to keep up their passion so that they can keep their business ventures on top. I am not writing anything new here, it is understood that entrepreneurship is 24*7 things.

This 24*7 life leaves the best hero stories and legacy for your kids … well true!! But, let me tell you one thing…when I was busy searching to educate myself on various business acumen and insights by famous personalities what I completely overlooked what was right there in front of me. Why I was reading Warren Buffet’s business wisdom insights, when my champions…my tiny tots are right here in a way educating me with amazing business insights.
Kids are curious by nature and greatest risk takers. They are never worried about the past neither concern about future. They LIVE IN PRESENT. I have learnt this basic business mantra from my little ones — Ayaan (3) and Aarav (9 yrs.).

Every day I learn something new from my kids, watching them grow, learn and develop into individuals. They have taught me many new positive things in life including how to be a better entrepreneur. Not to forget when my batteries are low — their passion and excitement charges me up!

Below mentioned are some of the awesome Entrepreneur acumen that I learnt from my lil’ones.

Develop Your Own Logic

I have seen my kids have a different approach to everything. No set therapy they apply … they approach the world with the eyes open and interpret things with a clean and fresh perspective. Revolutionary ideas come from new thinking; and disruption comes from leveraging existing situations to cause a shift in how business is done.

My Learning: What are you doing differently with your business that defies conventional thought and forces new logic?

Make Friends Easily

Aarav enthusiastically chatter about his friends and the new joiners in his class and how they became friends and sharing most of the activities together. The first order of the business is typically to make new friends. As adults we slowly lose that easy ability to develop new relationships and this serves us poorly, as relationships are at the core of most business and it is easy to see how your business profits through relationships.

My Learning: Entrepreneurs who are weak in this area need to re-discover their own ability to make friends, appreciate people, and learn about others as they come into your life.

Have a Knack of Trying Out New Things

Being adult is no fun especially when you are a startup entrepreneur you fear trying new things assuming you would fail, or it will be just another waste of time.

My Learning: If you don’t try you would never know rather try and see you might succeed or else you have learned amazing lesson of what doesn’t works.

Ask questions and lots of them- AND THAT IS FINE!!

Kids ask lot of questions in order to explain to themselves the complexity of the world, I learnt that it is good to ask and asking will enlighten you will amazing knowledge you get to know. My kids have shown me how I can search for important answers related to their businesses and the most valuable answers come after the right questions when ONLY asked.

My learning: Master the skill to formulate your questions to maximize the quality of the replies you will receive. And most importantly, if you don’t ask the answer is always NO.

Giving up isn’t a BIG DEAL

Sunday mornings we carry sugar in a bowl and feed the ants in the park. Last Sunday Aarav told me this — Papa, ants never quit. Have you noticed how ants always look for a way around an obstacle? Put your finger in an ant’s path and it will try and go around it, or over it. It will keep looking for a way out. It won’t just stand there and stare. It won’t give up and go back.

My Learning: — Heads Down. Don’t Give Up. Focus Focus and Focus.

Are you a Curious Enough?

Both Aarav and Ayaan are always curious about the things around them. They get easily fascinated and are keen observers and want to explore beyond.

My Learning — As an entrepreneur you are on a mission to improve the world and to deliver something unique. Embrace your curiosity and thirst for knowledge in your search for revolutionary ideas.

Learning every day, every hour, every minute

My 9 year old son, Aarav is always thirsty for knowledge and always in search for something new. He likes to explore things, to listen when somebody has something to say, to absorb information and to put the new things that they have learned into action.

My Learning: Entrepreneurs must be in constant journey of learning in order to keep up with the fast-changing business environment.

Acknowledging the power of dreams

Ayaan wants to be the President of India when he grows up. His eyes say he can achieve his dreams. That sparkle kicks positivity all around. Aarav, the big brother on the other hand wants to become a kick ass entrepreneur! The other day he told me, you encourage us to dream big. Do the same for yourself. You are big boy now.

My Learning: You need to look at life with the perspective that you can achieve anything. Sky is not the limit, your thoughts are. If you can accomplish big dreams, why wouldn’t you go after them? Push your limits and keep your life fresh. Who wouldn’t want a life filled with excitement?

Are you Passionate Enough?

Ayaan recited “Red Light Says Stop; Yellow Light Says Wait and Green light Says Go” at least 30 times last night with the same amount of passion and excitement. He had a stage performance today in the school. The first stage performance is known to give butterflies in the stomach for anyone. But surprisingly Ayaan appeared to be some genius that he simply went out there to have fun and left the audience spellbound.

My Learning: Enthusiasm is what we all need at work. Do show up at work each day filled with passion and purpose.

They make every penny count

I remember introducing the concept of savings to my little ones and also remember how enthusiastically they started putting every single cent they got in their piggy bank. My kids counted few times a week to see how much they had earned and meticulously planned for the things they need to buy.

My learning: Poor financial decisions can sink your business much before you even had a chance to success. Every penny saved is every penny earned.

Smartness of picking the best team

It’s your team who makes you or breaks you that is what I learnt from my son Aarav who picks the best guys for his cricket team. He has a knack of picking best of his buddies for his cricket match as he is aware of his friend’s capabilities and skills and how one can be helpful to make their team win.

My Learning: Don’t start with the layers of executives, if you hold the vision of successful entrepreneur, you are most likely to hire functional roles than a roller coaster of VPs.

The game is never over unless all are out

It was that day of my son Aarav’s cricket match, wherein we went to watch. However, the match wasn’t turning in his favor and quickly the players were “out”, I too was losing hope; it was then when the umpire called for the break and I had a chance to speak to him. When I started giving consolation to Aarav about the match and it is okay to lose and I remembered what he said — “Papa, the game is never over unless we all are out”….Whoa since when that 9 year old talking made sense to me, but it did.

My learning: I realized that for any entrepreneur it will be too early to come to any conclusion, or assuming things even though it didn’t worked how you want. Business is a game changing plan; you need to keep patience and a lot of it.

We live in an arena of timelessness. What you do in this moment can be captured and shared forever. Make these best of your moments and encourage your fellow professionals to be part of your winning team.

Originally published at on March 9, 2016.


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