Please don’t kill others with your bad boring Presentation (Try this instead)

One | 7 Deadly Sins of #PresentationDesign

Two | Power Corrupts But Powerpoint Corrupts Absolutely — Ways To Become A Better Presenter

Three | 6 Secrets of Master Presenters

Four | How To Create Presentation Slides That Are Out Of This World

Five | 11 Things To NEVER Say In A Presentation

Six | 7 Myths When Answering Tough Questions During Presentations

Seven | How to Be Awesome on Slideshare

Eight | Fuck Normality — Be Bold & Aggressive!

Nine | The Essentials of PowerPoint Color Theme

Ten | Fix Your Really Bad PowerPoint

Eleven | Zombie PowerPoint

Twelve | 7 Tips to Beautiful PowerPoint

Thirteen | How to Create SlideShares That Convert

Fourteen | You Suck At PowerPoint!

Fifteen | Things That Don’t Matter in Your Presentation!

Sixteen | How to Be a Presentation God

Seventeen | Deliver An Amazingly Boring Presentation

Eighteen | 7 lessons on Presentation Design from TED TALKS

Nineteen | 10-MIT Storytelling: A technique for storytelling in presentations

Twenty | Death by PowerPoint



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