Selling is like dating!

Abhishek Shah
3 min readAug 9, 2016

Imagine this, you walk up to a girl that is way out of your league, long legs, and beautiful eyes that mesmerize you from the moment they catch you, not to mention her body of course. The perfect curves, the perfect balance in well.. everything. Yes THAT girl. Now imagine that you asked her ‘wanna have sex?’ This is what you get: a shocked and well frankly… a disgusted look. You might not even get as much as a ’No’, probably something like a middle finger if anything at all.

To approach a girl like this you need a strategy. You need to approach her in a non-threatening way, make sure she trusts you first. Because YOU KNOW it can be done, we all know that guy, that’s… mediocre looking at best. Yet he is always surrounded by hot girls. How does he do it? Why don’t we have that?

We’re definitely better looking than THAT guy. What the hell is going wrong!

As much as we might be struggling to get the hot girls, we’re also struggling to get customers to buy our products, the solution is the same!

In both cases we need.. yup, a sales funnel!

We CAN increase our odds! Sales is like dating. It’s the same game where the pickup artist wins. Let’s become THAT guy, at least in sales.

The sales funnel is the process that will make sure that the hot girl wants to come home with you!

You first need to ‘accidentally’ / ‘strategically’ be at the same party as her, you talk to her, ask her name.

Maybe ask her our for coffee or at least get her number. Then, after you’ve had coffee and she’s still interested you could ask her out for dinner, see a movie? Make sure she’s invested and most of all, that she trusts you. Maybe even sneak a kiss at the end of your date.

You keep going to a while and then, you’ll have sex.

BINGO! Let’s do the same for sales, (let’s be honest, it’s more appropriate there). Make sure your potential customer ‘accidentally’ / ‘strategically’ sees your ad, you strike up a conversation, hopefully get their email address. Then, you talk some more, interact with them, make sure they feel understood and comforted. You teach them something, they want more!

Good. Now… hold on…

Have you realized it yet? Consciously? You are right now, in a sales funnel.

Trust me, you’ll need a truly hypnotic sales funnel to get your audience in, and engage them until they’re ready to buy from you. You need a smooth sales funnel so no hot girl will look at you disgusted when you propose to have sex. You’ll become the pick-up artist in sales.

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