“If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.” ― Gordon A. Eadie

Startup Journey from Belief to Execution!

Abhishek Shah
4 min readDec 31, 2019

Most of us have path-breaking ideas. The real challenge, however, is to convert these ideas into actions. The major issue that governs the constant procrastination and glitch is the fact that we don’t quite believe in ourselves or the idea.

“The outcome will be fantastic, but what if I fail?”

The journey of a start-up begins right from belief to execution. The point of ‘I Think I Can’ to ‘I Know I Can’. How do we tread this journey? There are roadblocks ahead, that’s a given. But we have the path itself figured out. That’s more important.

ENVISION your Idea

In order to make the idea happen, we need to constantly envision the idea of becoming a success. That is possible only when the right thoughts are sowed into the mind. The thoughts that will lead to possibilities and avenues. The thoughts that will give momentum to your plan.

Say GREAT Self Affirmations

Start your day with great and positive affirmations. Say that you CAN and WILL do it. Say your name and say the affirmation later. Take these affirmations seriously. Personalise them. Apply them to YOU as a whole. Carry forward the power of these affirmations that will boost the rest of your day. Great results happen eventually.

Do Not CONTAIN Yourself

Stop living in the shadows. Period. Stop yourself from looking tiny. Do not let others put you down or belittle you. Stop inhibiting your creative mind. Emerge out of your constraints and break a leg. Ask for success by delivering the best. There is no way you are going to fail, with a larger than life mind and attitude in place.

Say YES to Risks

Time has now come for you to start looking at the bigger picture. Do not refrain from taking risks where matters. Returns are simply not possible if there is no element of risk involved. Stop living in comfort. Start feeling really uncomfortable. Enjoy the roller coaster ride.

Define Your PLAN

What’s the real plan, ask yourself. Ask all the important questions surrounding your idea. Start applying practical possibilities and outcomes to the idea. Work your plan like there is no other option left. Define the end goals with a crystal clear clarity.

Read learn about SUCCESSFUL People

Read up about people who have made it happen. People who overcame all the odds to rise and shine. Reading about the success of others gives you a morale boost as well as a plethora of new ideas. Do not underestimate the power of a success story.

Stay INSPIRED During Tough Times

Make it a point to stay self-motivated all times. There would be days of low tide when you see nothing moving. Say to yourself that this too shall pass. Instead of worrying about it, start working on way forward action points. See the solutions pouring in.

Your Business is Calling You, NOW

Now is the time to not waste. Now is the time to work hard. Now is the time to organize smart. Believe in NOW. There is no later. Stop procrastination from entering your life. There is no gain derived from that.

When you think you can is the very day you know you can. The ride is going to be rough. Learn to embrace and enjoy the same, while taking back great learnings.



Abhishek Shah

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