“Success is a menace. It fools smart people into thinking they can’t lose.” — Bill Gates

The Traits of a Great Salesperson

Abhishek Shah
4 min readFeb 7, 2020

The only way to make it big in this economy is pursuing, “SALES” career. It is the only thing that pays. As per the famous quote goes, “Sell or be sold”. If you are not good at hiring, your business is going nowhere. When you are employing a salesperson, think that you are hiring a future of the company.

So, what are those traits that make a great salesperson, let’s have a look:

They are willing to invest in networking and building relationships

If you desire to become a successful salesperson, invest more time in your networking. With the advent of different social media platforms, it has become easier to network without spending more.

Intelligence at core

A great sales professional has developed its intelligence through its experience, interactions and networking. It comes to the basic, if you want to be interesting you have to be interested. They are always willing to learn, grasp, and most importantly updated. They have sharpened their skills through reading blogs, market research, and attending workshops.

Successful salesperson always listen

Another quality trait that a great salesperson has. Great sales professionals know that the customers will tell them everything they need when given the right opportunity. They ask questions and listens carefully to the replies, summarizing the customer comments.

The desire to learn

Customers tend to trust the salesperson who knows what he/she is talking about. A successful salesperson study digs in the details, ask and will come prepared to the customers only after he/she has done his homework.

Building trust

One of the biggest sale’s assets is the capability to build the trust of his customers. The customer who is doesn’t feel pressurized to make an informed decision and feels that he/she is getting the best deal is what the trust speak that he/she has on the sales professional.

They are adaptable

A successful salesperson understands the change and quickly adapts the transformation to see what it works.

The discipline to follow-up

The consistent follow-ups are the most valuable act that a successful salesperson performs. With a strategic follow-up strategy, there are viable results seen.

Great sales professionals are passionate

Great sales professionals are seen to be passionate about their work. They are enthusiastic, intelligent and driven; these traits not only get themselves in the front of the buyers but also close the deal.

They have developed “people’s” skill

Another great trait of a successful is they have “people’s” skill in them. This means, they are easy to converse, patient, pick up hints, and respectful.


The typical salesperson will close the deal and moves on. The star performer will always stay in touch with his/her clients, calling on various occasions, or inviting for a coffee if he/she is visiting the client’s area.

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