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These magical mantras are going to design your Success Story.

Abhishek Shah
3 min readJun 6, 2016

With so much to achieve on our agendas, we wonder if we had a magical wand that could fulfill all our desires. So what if you don’t have a wand, you have us. We do have the mantras that can create magic in your life, every day.

These magical mantras bring in a bit of change in your attitude, and hey, a little burst of inspiration that will work wonders for you.

These magical mantras are going to design your Success Story:

1. Believe You’re a Destiny’s Child

Successful people often build their own destiny. We are entitled to the consequences along with the choices that we make. You can’t be complacent and let the situation take charge of you. Go ahead, take charge and be the successful one you ought to be.

2. Successful People Pursue Big Dreams

Successful people have big dreams, and these dreams were the fuel to their energy and passions. Take a leap, go ahead and pursue your dream. You’re going to perform exceptionally well.

3. Small Scoops of Joy

We are so busy preparing for bigger victories; we often forget to enjoy the smaller ones. Enjoying these little victories will fill you in with energy and imbibe optimism.

4. Serve Selflessly

There certainly is no higher religion than human service. To be truly successful, one must always share it with humankind. When you find yourself to serve others, help them, do them favors, you inculcate a sense of significance and fulfillment.

5. Take more risks- Too err is human

You haven’t truly lived if you haven’t borne risks every once a while. Success comes only to those who take chances, who strive valiantly. Who knows, when a risky opportunity could turn favorable, striking the right chords for you?

6. Build a Strong Support System

Successful people have a magic wand they call as “HOME”. This magical place has the prowess of taking your worries and blessing you with happiness, a state of mind that fosters success.

7. Self-Belief is Nirvana

Believe so hard in yourself that hardships stand still before you. You’ll soon witness the profound impact faith can have on your life.

8. Give it your best shot

If Michael Jordan could, after 300 failure attempts, or rather 300 alternatives, you can too. Give 100% dedication to your work. Your dreams and goals will definitely see a riveting victory.

9. Learn to say NO gracefully

Focus on area of expertise, and say NO when you have to. If your priorities aren’t scheduled into your planner, chances are others priorities will get scheduled into yours.

10. Staying Positive attracts Success

We know life can have its own share of hang-ups, but no successful man has ever tasted success, without a fair share of failure. Having a mental poise and keeping calm during tense moments can bring out the best in you. It will allow thinking beyond the surface and tackling problems efficiently.

We are now certain that the old adage stands true: Success comes to those who believe in themselves. These magical success mantras have an ancient truth that many successful scholars have imbibed. Believe that YOU CAN. AND YOU WILL. PERIOD!


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