This is for the hustlers who will walk the talk to make it all happen — Are you one of them?

Abhishek Shah
2 min readApr 30, 2016

You have deigned to embark on a journey that very few tread. You are on the mission to realize your dreams, goals that are turned into fruitful actions. Simply put, you have made a choice to not work under anybody but yourself. You are ready to consume risks and seek rewards. There are little or no means, but you are charged up to explore the path.

Mavericks who play fearlessly in the unknown. You are one of those startup firebrands who have already envisaged success inside their head. It is all up to you now. The attitude, the plan and the way you react to the roadblocks ahead. What you become in course of this journey is what fetches results. The outcome can be a rich reap of success. Let us not talk about the cons. You are already there. You can do it. Walk a mile more.

This slideshare presentation is for the rookies who think and act success. Individuals who are not shaken down or petrified with animosities. Hustlers who will walk the talk to make it all happen.

10 Powerful Affirmations coming your way as a startup founder. Play it. Dream it. Live it.


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