This is the Best Investment You can ever make!

Abhishek Shah
4 min readJul 24, 2018

Anytime that someone starts a discussion about investing, they are always talking about stocks, mutual funds, bonds and other means for building wealth. But then has it ever occurred to you that while you might be busy investing in stocks, or saving your money for some rainy day, you perhaps might be forgetting one most important investment?

The investment in you!

Imagine Bill Gates, or Mark Zuckerberg, or even Elon Musk gets stripped of their assets and wealth and are dumped on the streets. Will they become homeless and would the world forget about them? No! They would be back to living a pretty comfortable life (if not the same as before) within few weeks’ time. If you ask why then it is because they have loads of human capital. In simple words, they have set of skills, knowledge, experience, judgment, intelligence and many other qualities that differentiate them from the rest of us. Human capital is what increases the employee’s value in the marketplace that can be directed towards accomplishing goals. And to increase human capital, you must invest in yourself.

While investing early is a good teaching, investing in yourself is even more important. It will definitely be one of the most profitable investments that you will ever make because it not only promises assured future returns but also gives a handsome current pay-off.

Everyone wants to live a better quality of life, to be productive, satisfied and successful by leaving all the money worries and job stress behind. All it really takes is the right investment portfolio, that is, a priority of investing in your personal as well as professional growth. Like any good portfolio, these investments must also be diversified and must be carefully managed, as it plays a vital role in determining the quality of your life. So to reap the benefits of investing in yourself, one must develop their skillset.

The true riches of the world lie in the knowledge, wisdom, and persistence which are far greater than money. Those who cherish these realizations and strive for them are known to have grown. The impact of investing in yourself and your skills is far greater, but that does not necessarily mean you must invest in higher education. While yes, education is crucial for self-growth and may also be needed for growing in several career fields, it is not the only option. Skills and knowledge take different forms in which you can invest, such as learning a new language or a new computer skill, which might open up several avenues in terms of career and job opportunities.

One way to make an investment in skills is to advance your education by taking extra classes, certifications, and degrees, whether they are in person or online. If you do not wish to go out of your way, then you can take benefits of workshops and conferences that every company organizes. Even if you decide to read books, articles, papers related to your talents or the skills that you wish to possess, will help you in many ways. Moreover, if you can invest in something that you are passionate about and that can also make a difference in the world, it would not only do wonders for you but will also make a positive difference in the world.

The process of learning keeps your mind and body active and alert which never lets us get bored of our jobs, hobbies or even our lives. Nurture your mind by learning new things and keeping your brain active to enhance your mental abilities. Soak in the knowledge that is around you, explore different cultures, listen to different kinds of music, travel to new places, try a new sport or a hobby, meet new people and engage in conversations to understand different views in the world. Play it like a game so that you enjoy every bit of it and never get tired of it. Surround yourself with encouraging and positive people who want to help you succeed. If you still believe that you are struggling and you require some guidance then get yourself a mentor or a coach. Whether it is in business or in tennis, a good coach can make a very big difference.

As you are nurturing your mind, don’t neglect your body which is the vessel for your precious knowledge and skills. Care for it just like you would care for your expensive car. Eat healthy, exercise, take rest, keep hydrated, and don’t skip your doctor’s visit. If you wouldn’t miss on your car’s servicing then why to put off the doctor’s visit until you completely break down. And once you have agreed with a healthy lifestyle and have enhanced your skills, it will inevitably make you feel confident and attractive about yourself.

So, as you open yourself to learning and improving yourself, it will bring about a change in your life. You will have the ability to prosper and perform your best for your well-being. No matter how small or big your efforts are and the extent to which you want to invest in yourself, it will not only reflect on yourself but will also shape how you interact with the outside world. Always remember, your future gets determined by how you invest in yourself today.

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