This is the Best Investment You can ever make!

Anytime that someone starts a discussion about investing, they are always talking about stocks, mutual funds, bonds and other means for building wealth. But then has it ever occurred to you that while you might be busy investing in stocks, or saving your money for some rainy day, you perhaps might be forgetting one most important investment?

The investment in you!

Imagine Bill Gates, or Mark Zuckerberg, or even Elon Musk gets stripped of their assets and wealth and are dumped on the streets. Will they become homeless and would the world forget about them? No! They would be back to living a pretty comfortable life (if not the same as before) within few weeks’ time. If you ask why then it is because they have loads of human capital. In simple words, they have set of skills, knowledge, experience, judgment, intelligence and many other qualities that differentiate them from the rest of us. Human capital is what increases the employee’s value in the marketplace that can be directed towards accomplishing goals. And to increase human capital, you must invest in yourself.

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