Top Ten SEO Techniques That Will Help You Get More Organic Traffic To Your Website!

Abhishek Shah
2 min readMar 24, 2021

They say SEO is dead. Every year. But what’s really dead are old, shady SEO techniques. Things like thin content, comment spam, keyword stuffing…unfortunately, very popular even these days.

That’s why I’ve prepared this list of simple, effective techniques that can get actual results.

1. Find “low-hanging fruit” keywords in Google Search Console

2. Use Keyword Golden Ratio to find keywords you can rank for in 48 hours

3. Get keyword ideas from your competitors in a few seconds

4. Use the power of internal links to give prominence to the important pages

5. Leverage the authority of the giants with barnacle SEO

6. Create linkable assets to get indirect links to your “money” pages

7. Play with title tags to improve your CTR

8. Use the “internal cliffhanger” technique to keep your readers engaged

9. Update or republish your old posts to avoid traffic decay

10. Take care of your image file size optimization once and for all

That’s it. These are 10 SEO techniques that will help you get more organic traffic to your website in 2021. I’ve tested all of them but I’m pretty curious to know your experience and before I say goodbye, here’s a small gift from my side; you can click here to start your 10-day free trial (No credit card needed) —

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