Unhappy Millennials — Save the World with One Mouse Click!

Gen Y yuppies or the Millennia’s as they are most commonly referred to, marked their presence starting late 1970’s until late 1990’s. This “me” generation ‘kidults’ (kid adult) are a bunch of enthusiastic ambitious people. These are the picky ones. No matter how many things life shines on them, the Gen Y has a habit of pointing out what’s lacking.

People belonging to the generation Y or the Millenia are very passionate about their dreams. They are ardently tech-savvy, keeping in touch with the recent innovations and what’s new. In short, they are the trendsetters come what may.

There is absolutely no telling how to keep this generation happy. We have 10 things listed that can possibly get them close to it.

Here are the 10 important things that generation Y has to do to stay in the happy zone:

1. Honor what you have
The first way to begin would be appreciate what you’ve achieved so far. When you’re counting your blessings, you’re also grateful for all the good things you have in life. Being thankful and proud of all that was achieved will reinforce a sense of satisfaction.

2. Kindness is the new cool, maybe!
Gen Y tends to compare their worsts with the best of what others have. Seriously, stop doing that. Pause and breathe, and you’ll begin to notice what you have and others don’t. It could probably be a good house, good friends, or even a better good job. There could be portion of your friends who are successful, but may not be as blessed as you. Simply put, count your many blessings.

3. Bridge the Gap
All of us find ourselves comparing what we have with what we don’t have. Gen Y could go a bit overboard in this section. The moment this gap is burnt, you’re going to savor your current achievements.

4. Don’t get swayed
Most guys of the millennia are definitive dreamers. Seriously, if you are a Gen Y guy and look around you now, you will realize that years and people gone by were more emotional and passionate. Do not be swayed by what others think and do. You are your own league.

5. Be alert
Weed out the toxic people, for they show you the bright side keeping their darker side in disguise.

6. Life is all about highs and Lows
When you’re determined to pursue your dreams, a few ups and downs are going to be a part of this journey. Getting accustomed and acquainted to challenges and opportunities will help you through.

7. Don’t be delusional
Our parents often asserted that few years of hard work would pay off excellently. But reality is brutal and for success, we must put in years of energy and face obstacles. Set realistic expectations.

8. Be the ambitious that brat you are
Staying wildly ambitious will help you tap into the current workforce and the bubbling scenario of opportunities. If you strike the right chord at the right time, your passions will work out brilliantly to your advantage.

9. Keep the Quest on
If you’re happy with life’s current scenario, don’t stop searching for what is yonder. Even if it means transitioning your life completely.

10. Explore the options
If your current job isn’t exciting, start looking out for fresh opportunities. The latest social media advancements allow us to socially connect with business honchos, where we can share our talent explicitly.

We live in an unpredictable world, where the opponent’s strip of grass may look like a glorified meadow. For the peeps of gen Y, it is NEVER over. You have the ability to rise and shine even after a long sabbatical.

So, let go of your demons and bring it on!!


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Nomad | Early Stage Investor | Wannabe Anthropologist | Technology Evangelist | Curious, Inquisitive & Experimental Entrepreneur

Nomad | Early Stage Investor | Wannabe Anthropologist | Technology Evangelist | Curious, Inquisitive & Experimental Entrepreneur