“I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will.” ― Charlotte Brontë

What are the things that most Self-Aware People do?

The very first step in finding a solution is to acknowledge that you have a problem, and that is true for every aspect of our lives. This is what is widely known as self-awareness, which essentially involves being aware of different facets, including one’s feelings, behaviours, and different traits. It is not just about being aware of your feelings and behaviours but more importantly, it is about learning to better understand why you feel what you feel and the reason behind your every behaviour. Those who can understand this, are in a better position in life to bring about a change in order to build a life as they would want. This would not be possible for someone who does not have any clarity about who they are and what they want, and hence it would be difficult for them to initiate the process of change.

People those who are self-aware, understand their own needs, desires, feelings, habits and everything that makes them behave in a certain way. It is apparent that the more you know yourself well, the better you are at adapting to different life changes. The more you know about your habits or your problems, the better you are in improving those. So what is that most self-aware people do that makes them better at this game?

They know what is important to them and they live by it

Self-aware people not only have the knowledge of what is important to them, but they also make sure that they live by them. If you simply know what is important to you, but rarely practice it then it surely will hurt your goals. If you continue doing what others feel is important, then you are going to drain yourself down. What is important to you may not necessarily be important to someone else, and hence their opinion should not take precedence over yours.

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They admit mistakes and take responsibility

Self-aware people will always take responsibility because that is how they can truly work on it to make it better. They understand that it gives them an opportunity to learn from the mistake so that it never gets repeated. It is easy to understand your own flaws when you take up responsibility for your mistakes. It also helps you gain respect from others who in turn would be willing to help you to make things right. It is always liberating to take up responsibility rather than blaming someone else for your own deeds.

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They seek feedback

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They learn to place themselves in other’s shoes

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They are grateful to people

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These are some of the things that self-aware people live by, and there are much more as well. However, the main essence is to learn the art of self-awareness and by not just being aware of one’s feelings, habits, and behaviours but knowing in a complete sense, who you are.

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