What Differentiates Ordinary & Successful People

Successful people are the cream of the country; the get everyone talking. Success is not something to be waited for, it’s something which needs to be claimed. Truth be told, any successful person is just like you and me.

So what makes successful people stand out? Let’s find out!

1. Ordinary people talk about other people; successful people talk about ideas.

Successful people are more interested in improving their lives. They discuss various ideas which would help them rise above and reach great heights.

Plans, goals, aspirations and innovations — these are all the aspects of discussions between successful individuals.

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2. Ordinary people set goals; successful people set detailed plan of actions.

Only difference being along with the resolution they come up with a detailed set of actions that would help them achieve the result. Ordinary people just set goals, successful people work towards achieving their goals.

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3. Ordinary people complain about life; successful people adapt to what life throws at them.

You see people living a better life than you, with more chances and doors just waiting to be opened. How you act regarding this fact determines whether you’re just another person in the world or a successful individual.

The truth is, everybody struggles in their life, be it a successful person or any ordinary person. You don’t know what life has in store for you. However, it’s in your hands whether you want to go through a situation joyfully or in pain.

Successful people tackle their obstacles by finding a different path to reach their goals, unlike ordinary people who just sit around and wish that life was simpler.

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4. Ordinary people stick to social norms; successful people create their own norms.

The fact is, if there would be a recipe for success, everyone could easily replicate it. In reality, however, you have to learn rules of the game and then play better than others to achieve satisfying results.

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5. Ordinary people dream of a better future; successful people create a better future.

However, the difference is an average person wastes his time dreaming, while the successful one works towards reaching his dreams. One step at a time: that person knows that acting, and not just dreaming, is what makes his fantasy a reality.

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6. Ordinary people let their thoughts influence them, successful people influence their thoughts.

On the contrary, outstanding people are conscious of their negative thoughts. They make a conscious effort to make these negative thoughts work for them and not against them. You need to learn to ignore negative aspects of life and focus on the positive ones instead.

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7. Ordinary people prefer instant gratification; successful people choose long-term rewards.

While the typical person can even get addicted to the short-term pleasures (overeating, smoking, procrastinating), a successful individual will use the long-term reward as a driving force to achieve any goal.

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8. Ordinary people praise overabundance; successful people praise limitation.

One of the features of a truly successful person is that they have immense self-control. This helps them to focus on things which are really important rather than wastefully spending on things which they would never use. By limiting, they create an environment in which they thrive.

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9. Ordinary people see a half-empty glass; successful people see a half-full glass.

When it comes to successful people, they always make the most of what they already have. In other words, they’ll work to find a joy in the half-full glass.

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10. Ordinary people judge others; successful people only judge themselves.

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11. Ordinary people watch TV every day; successful people read every day.

According to a research, a typical person will spend nine years of their life watching television. Spending nine years of your lifetime behind something which doesn’t add value to your life doesn’t seem to be worth spending time on, does it?

Books are on the other side of the spectrum. Reading adds immense value to your life — it widens your horizons and enhances your knowledge in various fields. Literally, there are books which are written to answer every problem you face. Since successful people constantly seek to improve themselves, they prefer the company of books rather than mindless chattering of people on screens.

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12. Ordinary people buy things; successful people buy value.

Falling for discounted products and sale offers is what a typical person would do. These products add value to your life only for a few moments after which they fade away along with the other belongings. Nothing lasts for long, including money.

Successful folks would rather exchange their money for value. Values are not physical possessions. They are skills which stay with one forever. Commonly, values are in the form of experiences, new opportunities or adventures.

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13. Ordinary people want to be better than others; successful people want to better themselves.

On the contrary, successful individuals pursue in bettering themselves as each day passes by. What’s more, is that they are well-wishers of others as well.

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14. Ordinary people can’t say no, successful people often say no.

Initially, saying “no” can be scary. But then again, considering the long-term view, it’s better to say “no” now, rather than regret the subsequent consequences of saying “yes”.

A successful individual takes the advantage of saying “no” on a daily basis, while the ordinary ones underestimates the power of this simple yet powerful two letter word.

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