Generating value in any organization requires bringing together an amazing group of people around a worthy cause and compelling vision. Too many people look only to innovative technology or strong processes or new products. Those things have their role, but there is one thing successful companies have in common — it’s the people who are able to transform culture and reshape an organization.

That means it’s critically important that you hire the right people. Here are 10 traits that are a must:

They must embody emotional intelligence.

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They must have a growth mindset.

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They must have relentless drive.

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They must have a positive attitude.

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They must be lifelong learners.

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They must be agile and flexible.

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They must value teamwork.

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They are natural problem solvers.

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They must have character.

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They must draw their motivation from something bigger than themselves.

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You can always teach skills and develop traits, but the core elements can’t be taught or faked. Hire the right people, then teach them what they need to know to be successful.

Make sure you hire people with the traits you want to define your team and organization.

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