“If people aren’t calling you crazy, you aren’t thinking big enough.” — Richard Branson

Why It Is Crucial To Choose Ambitious Idea For Your Startup?

Abhishek Shah
4 min readFeb 5, 2020

“Being Ambitious” is all about believing in yourself even when no one else in the world does… this famous quote wasn’t just made for the sake of getting good reviews — It is more and beyond this.

It’s all about your size of VISION

Having your own business, with 100 odd professionals working under you, getting your business recognized and much more seems to be very appealing and why not, it is an addiction that entrepreneurs have been enjoying.

Entrepreneurs big beliefs make it happen

Have you ever noticed why these names like Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Infosys etc. who were start-ups a few years back have become a huge name? — Well, the reply to this is just short-expression “Ambitious ideas”. All these and numerous brands names have become huge because they have passionate, and ambitious persona working behind it. Yes!! You got me right — you need to have ambitious ideas to take your business to the highest horizons.

It’s harder to work on ambitious ideas and but not an impossible to make it happen

Being an entrepreneur, I myself believed that ambitious ideas for your start-up can be terrifying you, and not just because there will be a lot of struggle — but the real thing is the ambitious ideas has to threaten your identity; making you wonder whether you have enough ambition to carry them.

I have tasted my share of success, but I am not done yet. I am an ambitious hungry person and that drives my passion for the work I do. To stand in the world of sameness, you have to utilize and amplify every last drop of what is amazing it is all about and YOU are doing it. And if you don’t you won’t be able to break the noise of everyone else, which makes you like everybody else — YOU ARE NOBODY.

I always believe that the world is not quarterly driven, it is driven by the people who can thrust the evolution forward. Those kinds of endeavours attract attention. Does that make your business work? You bet. Isn’t it good to insane? You bet.

To do really big things requires starting with deceptively small things

Want to dominate the fintech industry? Start with the basics of making a website and then move on to step two. This is how ideas evolve organically. I’ll explain to you the finest example.

Mark Zuckerberg just wanted to connect Harvard students and look at how he became popular. His plan was to connect socially online. His vision grew over time and evolved which helped their ambition to shape them into reality.

Neither Steve Jobs of Apple nor Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook had thought of making it big from the beginning but their ambitious ideas helped them make it big.

I understand that it will be not an easy journey- but to believe in your ideas and most importantly yourself is what it will take your business reach newer heights.

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